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Solo-professionals! Where’s your road map to success?

As an accounting manager struggling to build my coaching business online and after many years of struggle, I now focus on 9 FABULOUS concepts that have multiplied my business exponentially.

1. Figure out where you want to be in 3 years.

Having a vision for your business is so important that it could make our break you. Not knowing where you want to be spells disaster with a capital “D”!

Creating a powerful vision for where you want to be in 3 years, 1 year and in 30 days in your business helps you to remain focused on what is important.

2. Activate your creative juices and tell your story

Prospects have to trust you-plain and simple-before they will do business with you and purchase your services and your products. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to tell your story.

Tell us if you understand our problems and how you can help us. Let us know if you’ve been in our situation before and how you dealt with it. Share with us your problems and how you overcame them.

3. Brand yourself-Determine what differentiates you.

There are thousands and thousands of solo-professionals around the world each possibly giving the same information. Why should someone give you their business? What is different about your business?

A significant factor to attracting your ideal clients is telling them why you are dissimilar from the others and unique in what you teach. As a solo-professional, you are your brand. What can you offer your clients that makes you different, diverse and special?

4. Understand basic net and web strategies

As an aspiring solo-professional I believe it is imperative that you know basic web language and strategies. Who wants to call up your web designer every time you want to make a slight page to a web page?

For those just starting out in their businesses, you’ve got to know how to reach your prospects through email newsletters and you’ve got to know how to record a tele-seminar. These could be doubly vital if you’re on a budget.

5. Lead a Championship Support Team

Whether you’re a solo-professional like a coach, consultant or otherwise, you need to recognize the importance of having team beside you. A team could propel your business to profitability faster than anything I know. Adding even a part-time virtual assistant (VA) to your team can do wonders.

I can hear you saying now “I can’t afford it!” Well you think you can’t, but how about bartering with a VA. You offer your services to her and vice versa. Easy, huh?

6. Over deliver, over respond, WOW your clients

I’m passionate about this concept. Once you’ve gotten a client, keep ‘em! Seduce them over and over to become a walking referral for you.

Offering your clients fabulous service and unexpected add-ons, gifts and responses will leave them saying only one thing about your and your business – “Wow!”

7. Use the Universal Laws to effortlessly attract your ideal clients

What are you focusing on each day in your business? No clients? Too much to do? Not enough time? Well, believe it or not, you create your reality!
You are where you are in your business by what you have been thinking and focusing on yesterday, last week and last year.

I use the Law of Attraction in my life coaching business and it’s a powerful ‘tool’ for solo-professionals to use in their businesses as well. By setting your intention at each step of the way, building your business becomes as easy and effortless as you can ever imagine.

8. Spring into action-create S.M.A.R.T goals

Do you have a plan for your business? Have you decided what you will be doing this month, this quarter or this year to grow your business?

Having a calendar for marketing and growing your business is vital to achieving your goals. We all know that our goals should be specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely, don’t we?

9. Spend wisely: invest in your business and yourself

When I first started in my business, I spent wildly and uncontrollably to get my business up and running fast. This was the biggest mistake of my life! I had to turn that mindset around and quit cold-turkey.

Concentrating on forecasting and reinvesting a percentage of your profits into your business is critical to making it. It’s also important to invest in yourself as you grow personally and professional. You’re bank account will only grow as fast as You grow.

These 9 concepts are the building blocks of attracting clients from the ‘net for solo-professionals and will make you more money in less time. Try them for a month and you’ll be amazed.